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Asset Management in BerlinWith a strong and reliable team, Wertpunkt is your first choice when it comes to professional, experienced, superior- simply the best – management for your real estate. Wertpunkt, a subsidiary of GSG Berlin, is an experienced and specialized provider of professional asset management from A-Z in the German capital Berlin.

Our mission is the optimization of the portfolio and the creation of added value for the real estate of our customers.

With our long-standing and experienced team, we currently serve around 900,000 m² of commercial space in Berlin – more than all our competitors.

The increase in value of your real estate determines our actions. Thanks to our many years of experience, our extensive knowledge of the market and the professional competence of our experienced team, we are able to illustrate the entire value added chain of the real estate cycle:

  • from support in the purchase process,
  • via management,
  • development and optimization of your real estate,
  • to the sale.

Detailed analyses and creative solutions, coordination and control, globally and locally – these are the ingredients for the appreciation of your real estate in Berlin.

Asset Management in Berlin.

Successful Asset ManagementOur company serves national and international customers and optimizes their properties in Berlin. The asset managers of the Wertpunkt Real Estate Experts GmbH increase the value of your real estate through customized strategies. Key elements in this are:

  • the optimization of income,
  • cost management as well as
  • the care and letting of your real estate.

We guarantee you an excellent and professional asset mangement in Berlin.

Your tenants can rely on us and concentrate on their core business. Thanks to the size of the real estate portfolio that we manage, we are in a position to negotiate pooling requirements with strategic partners and thus achieve cost reductions. This reduces both the costs for the tenants and the owner.

VermietungWe consistently leverage our excellent and long-standing network of connections to Berlin’s decision makers – whether in the start-up scene, in government, among market players or real estate agencies – for the benefit of our clients’ assets. This is one of our key strengths.

We are Berlin’s leading lessor in the small- and medium-sized business sector, and outperform agents less competitive in this sector. In terms of small- and medium-sized lease offers, we top the lists at Immobilienscout24, Immonet and Immowelt, among others.

Additionally, we have a broad international network through our corporate group offices, which enables us to be the first contact when international companies are looking for commercial space in Berlin, as well as when existing clients are seeking further space in other European countries.

A special focus is put on companies from abroad, particularly Chinese investors. In cooperation with the German Technologies Center e. V., we offer one-stop-agency services for setting up their businesses and offices in Berlin.

Technische BetreuungTogether with our partners, we at Wertpunkt offer bespoke solutions for developing an empty shell to a fully equipped and “ready-to-go” unit that is designed to meet the tenant’s individual needs. At Wertpunkt, we provide planning, consulting and controlling with extensive technical knowhow, combined with a broad range of services related to the modern design of commercial and residential space.

Wertpunkt and its associated partners offer you a complete range of support services for developing bespoke work and living spaces. These services include design, planning and realising exactly the space you need.

With Wertpunkt, innovative technologies and materials accompany traditional handcrafted workmanship.

Services for tenants: Our basic principle is a considerable amount of service and support for the tenant of our managed real estate. Through specially selected partners we create added value with quantity discounts, special terms and conditions. For the benefit of our customers, we are continuously expanding the range of services.

Marketing: Our marketing team converts its passion for architecture, communications and design into bespoke marketing campaigns and materials. Its sound market analysis ensures that your brand and assets are correctly positioned, and differentiated from those of competitors. It conveys your message to different target groups in a manner that is thoughtful and emotionally stirring – both online and offline via every communication channel.

Hofnetz & IT Services: Through our IT subsidiary Hofnetz & IT Services GmbH, we offer companies the opportunity to use a complex fiber optic network structure as well as extensive IT and telecommunications services. Thus, especially small and medium-sized enterprises benefit from a high-performance IT infrastructure, without incurring risks and costs of their own fiber optic deployment, maximum speed Internet and high security in data communication included.

Smart systems: Wertpunkt employs the latest technologies in particular in the online area. The tools include various business smart systems, leasing portals, tenant survey tools and internally developed software solutions for the letting process. Goal is to optimize the required analysis and evaluation processes as well as improved communication especially with the customer.

Legal: In our group of companies we have our own legal department with in-depth expertise in tenancy and condominium law but also in the sale or purchase of real estate.

Success Record-Examples.

Wertpunkt has a proven record of optimizing and enhancing portfolios in numerous ways. From conventional rent increases, strategic controlling (accompanied by tenant relocation and / or real estate renovation) to repositioning assets, assessing additional construction and utilisation options, and cost optimisations – we add value to your real estate.

Here are some examples of successful optimizations of recent years:

Aktives Asset Management

Active Asset Management

Zossener Straße 55 – 58

  • Occupancy rate December 2014 88.01% 88.01%
  • Occupancy rate June 2016 95.03% 95.03%

Through active asset management, the average rent could also be increased from € 6.81 / m² to € 8.71 in the same period, which has additionally increased the rental income.


Increase in rental income



Wattstraße 10 – 13

  • Occupancy rate December 2014 66.18% 66.18%
  • Occupancy rate September 2016 100.0% 100.0%

Both the occupancy rate and the average rent (December 2014: € 5.93 / m², September 2016: € 7.46 / m²) were significantly higher.

m² new rentals

Aktives Asset Management

Active Asset Management

Döbelner Straße 1 – 5 und 7

  • Occupancy rate January 2011 62.9% 62.9%
  • Occupancy rate December 2013 92.5% 92.5%

In addition to the occupancy rate, the WALT could also be increased by 1.03 years (January 2011: 1.67 years, December 2013: 2.70 years).


Increase in WALT

Wertpunkt at a glance.

The Berlin Wertpunkt Real Estate Experts GmbH, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Gewerbesiedlungs-Gesellschaft (GSG), offers its expertise in asset management also to third-party mandates. The service offered is aimed primarily at portfolio holders and investors of commercial real estate in Berlin.

With our services, we offer the tenants of our customers added value, reduce costs for our customers and increase the competitiveness of their property.

Our range of services:

  • Strategic optimization of the property
  • Letting
  • Administration
  • Janitorial Service
  • Business Development
  • Technical Support
  • Accounting and Controlling
  • Legal Advice
  • Marketing
  • IT Support

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